Currently in Development - Production Expected for Summer '18

By Crook is the title of a movie.

It is a play on the phrase "by hook or by crook." 

You want more information? Gosh, why didn't you say so! 

By Crook is a comedy heist film that uses goofy, Airplane! (1980) style comedy to tell the story of Charlotte Twain and Austin Grant, a pair of friends who are also a pair...of thieves. The film uses many different camera, character, and story techniques to create its own version of reality as a way to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next surprise.

By Crook is alive with playfulness, yet depicts a true-to-life platonic relationship. After Charlotte posts bail for a recent arrest, Austin begs her to travel cross country and visit the death sites of his favorite movie thieves. DOES EVERYTHING GO EXACTLY AS THEY HOPE? Nope. Along the way they cross paths with a whole host of desperate characters, all trying to take the quick route to success as our main characters figure out what it means to be a responsible adult, and friend. 

It is the second feature film directed by Martin Kaszubowski, who's eagerness and confidence in telling this story is doubled. 

Concept Art by Producer Carol Brandt

Concept Art by Producer Carol Brandt


For almost my entire life I've wanted to make movies, and for almost as long I've dreamed of making a heist comedy. After years of retooling different ideas in my head, and on the page, I, Martin Keith Kaszubowski Sr. (Director's note: there is no junior) have created By Crook which will serve as my second feature length film. 

After having my first feature film Christopher Darling screen at various film festivals, I realized my true draw and interest in movies: making people laugh. I doubled my efforts at creating a comedy movie in the vein of my favorite comedy films, the likes of Airplane!Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and Shaun of the Dead which utilized bizarre, visual comedy to help tell their story. By Crook aims to use similar techniques that all of those films employed to entertain the audience all while exploring a dramatic, melancholic story of adult friendship. 

Concept Art by Producer Carol Brandt

Concept Art by Producer Carol Brandt